Plae Hard | The World's Most Innovative Training Experience

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For our first post, we'd like to highlight a local gym that really takes exercise and fitness to a new and exciting level: Plae Hard. Welcome to the world's most innovative training experience.

For as little as $10 per session you can experience results-driven, personalized training that is not available anywhere else! Plae Hard incorporates dynamic training based on years of experience and demonstrated science. Their Next Level Training program, developed in-house by their very own coaching team, guarantees maximum engagement and optimal results. 

Plae Hard's diverse classes focus on strength, power, and movement education, so you can train well and understand why. Regardless of whether you're a training veteran or you've never been to a gym before, their coaches know how to help you maximize your workout in a safe, motivating environment.

Best of all is that the first two weeks are completely free! The keys to achieving the goals you want are dedication, consistency, and putting yourself around individuals that care about you and your success. Visit their website today to sign up for classes and meet their helpful coaches! #PlaeHard #LiveEndless